Who am I?

Ramana Maharshi watercolor
©Lily Santosha
UNIYOGA diploma ceremony

This is THE question to answer according to the teachings of de Sri Ramana Maharshi, une of the most recognizable sages of Advaita Vedanta, the Hinduist philosophy of non-duality.

But this time I’ll use the question to tell you a bit about myself: I’m an explorer, a curious soul and a lover of the world. Since childhood, I feel a deep connection with nature, I enjoy discovering it through science so it’s not surprising I did studies in ecology, agronomy and environmental sciences, even though my dream was to be an astronomist.

I love painting and music, and I try to limit my ecological imprint as much as possible by following values of (elegant) simplicity, (joyful) sobriety and respect for life as a whole.

I chose to transition to another professional path after ten years working in sustainable development. There was a big gap between my beliefs and the my work in a world obsessed with appearances.

I became a certified RYT 200 Yoga Alliance Hatha Yoga teacher in 2021, after a training at UNIYOGA. A beautiful group of inspiring teachers who showed me the richness and diversity that exists in the path.

I practice the heart opening meditation with Mukeshanand and TerrÂnanda association.

I particularly like the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, that I practice with my teachers Linda Munro and Gérald Disse.

I’m “fascinated”by fascia, the barely-known structure that holds our body together and is essential for our well-being. I’m continuously training in myofascial release techniques to improve its qualities and facilitate mouvement.

I would be glad to adapt to your specific needs in terms of rhythm and style of practice (alignment, dynamic, pranayama, self massage for example).

Do not hesitate to contact me through the website or on social media. I also speak French and Spanish.

See you soon!